For Mark Chan, venturing into the world of Shared Ownership meant he could better prepare for the future financially.

The 28-year-old was unhappy with rising rents and the restrictions that put on his finances.

By buying an apartment through Shared Ownership at Sanctuary’s Quadrangle development in Hornsey, London, Mark is looking forward to having more control over his money as well as a property he can be proud to call home.

The local government planning officer said: “It has allowed me to anticipate my expenses and avoid rent increases that some in the private market may experience and better plan for my future financially.

“Purchasing through Shared Ownership has allowed me to buy a high quality property that is bigger than I would be able to afford on the open market and better suited to my needs. I will be able to save more and now have a foot on the property ladder.

“I would certainly encourage others to look into Shared Ownership as I think it is a great product that can help many people.”

Originally from Hong Kong, Mark had been renting nearby with his partner and was drawn to the Quadrangle because of its location and close proximity to local amenities.

He explained: “I’ve always liked the neighbourhood and Shared Ownership fits my current financial and living requirements.

“I love that it is a 10-minute walk from Crouch End and five minutes on the bus from Muswell Hill as both are really quirky and enjoyable areas.

“I really appreciate the on-site Sainsbury's; I can get my daily groceries anytime with ease and it saves me a lot of time on shopping.

“It is also a 10-minute walk from Alexandra Palace with its massive greens and hills which are excellent for views and walks. I also like that the area is quiet and relatively safe.”

Prices at the Quadrangle start from £108,750 for a 25 per cent share of a one-bedroom apartment and rise to £148,750 for a two-bedroom property.

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