First-time buyer Brooke Curran dreamed of owning a home with a garden, an outdoor space where her three-year-old son Frankie could play. The recreational therapist’s dream became a reality when she learned she qualified to buy a house from Sanctuary Homes using the Scottish Government’s New Supply Shared Equity scheme (NSSE). Brooke moved from a rented upstairs flat to a new two-bedroom terraced house in Nitshill, Glasgow in December 2018.

Brooke said: “The journey from renting a small flat to owning a house has been brilliant. The NSSE scheme is the only way I could afford my own house. I bought a 60 per cent stake and get so much more home for my money than I did in the rented sector. The buying process was straightforward and the sales agents helped move the deal to a conclusion. The NSSE scheme is great for people in my position or people who are low earners.”

The 31-year-old encourages other would-be first-time buyers to consider purchasing a Sanctuary Homes property through the NSSE scheme.

Brooke with her son outside their home

Brooke added: “A friend who is in a similar situation was in the process of buying a Sanctuary home here and she told me she thought I would be eligible. That got the ball rolling and before long my offer was accepted. I was surprised at how easy it all was, it was very stress-free. The biggest thing for me moving here was getting a garden for Frankie. I had him out on his bike on Christmas day all wrapped up, he absolutely loved it. Moving into a new estate with a young child is fantastic because there are lots of other new families as well. It’s so much better than renting and will be a great place for Frankie to grow up. I love the kitchen because it has so much space. I’m really happy with everything and there hasn’t been any issues.”

For more information on the Sanctuary Homes properties available to buy though the New Supply Shared Equity (Scotland) or Shared Ownership (England) schemes, visit our find your home page.

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