“Nothing feels better than buying your own home. It makes all the saving efforts and sacrifices completely worth it”, says Cristina, who has bought her first home at The Quadrangle in Hornsey.

The 29-year-old, who is originally from Madrid, always knew she wanted to live in London but realised that could be financially prohibitive.


However, Shared Ownership provided the best of both worlds – an affordable two-bedroom flat and an ideal location for her daily commute to YouTube HQ in King’s Cross, where she manages relationships with record labels and artists from Southern Europe.

Cristina said: “If it hadn’t been for Shared Ownership, I wouldn’t have been able to consider buying on my own for another few years in order to save for a huge deposit and have access to the mortgage needed for the flat and location I was after.

“It’s incredible that I’ve become a homeowner before turning 30 after not that long in London, which has only been possible due to Shared Ownership.”

Previously renting in Camden with a colleague, Cristina added: “Being a sole buyer gets even trickier in London’s prohibitive market, so Shared Ownership seemed like a perfect plan. This way I could buy a property at my own pace while also making sure I was helping my financial goals in the mid and long term.

“I also love my location. I’m a short walk away from Crouch End, one of my favourite neighbourhoods in London, and from Alexandra Palace. I really value being in such a leafy and relaxed area with tons of shops, cafes and pubs with so much character and history.

“On top of this my commute is really easy, 35 minutes door-to-door on the train from Hornsey Station or on the Piccadilly Line from Turnpike Lane to King’s Cross.”

Cristina, who has lived in London for three years following time in Edinburgh and Dublin, has really settled into her new home and is enjoying the community spirit.

She said: “It gives me the opportunity to live on my own and have an office/second bedroom to work from home and host friends and family, something I really value having moved countries. 

“There is a real community feel where we keep in touch regularly and meet up for a pub quiz, go to the park or nearby events and help each other when needed.

“Living on my own I found this incredibly valuable and I still can’t believe I was so lucky to find a flat within such a friendly and active community.”

Cristina continued: “I strongly recommend first-time buyers to look into Shared Ownership, even those who would love to buy their own home but think it’s just impossible.”

Find out more information about Shared Ownership and how it could help you step onto the property ladder, even if you aren’t able to afford to buy your own home outright by visiting our Shared Ownership section.


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