It has never been a more challenging time to own your own home. With a whole generation believing that they are locked out of the housing market and fearing they may never be able to get a foot on the property ladder Sanctuary Homes are proud to support a new campaign explaining the benefits of Shared Ownership.

When it comes to owning your own home there can be some confusion about Shared Ownership (SO), with many people wrongly believing it’s akin to time-share or that you must physically share your home with someone else. To dispel these myths Sanctuary Homes have teamed up with the National Housing Federation to highlight how Shared Ownership could benefit prospective homeowners.

SO How Does Shared Ownership Work?

With Shared Ownership you buy a percentage of your home at a lower purchase price to the open market value and work your way up, paying a low-cost monthly amount on the remainder. In a nutshell, you buy a bit - you rent a bit. Another way to buy a home!

Buying a share of the property means you need a much smaller mortgage and deposit than if you were buying the property outright.

SO Who Is Shared Ownership For?

A smaller deposit makes it easier and more achievable for many people who might initially think owning their own home is nothing more than just a pipe dream. Shared Ownership is also a good option for first time buyers, single parent families, retirees, single or young professionals, basically, anyone who doesn’t own a home and earns below the eligibility criteria can apply for Shared Ownership.

In most cases, when you can afford to you can increase your share and buy your home in stages – a process which is known as staircasing. After a qualifying period, you may even be able to buy your home outright. Regardless of the size of the share you buy, with Shared Ownership you will always own a stake in your own home.

Sanctuary Homes are proud to offer Shared Ownership properties across the country - so whether you’re looking for your first home or if you want to downsize after retiring, Shared Ownership could be just what you’re looking for.

For more information on Shared Ownership, including FAQ and the properties we have available please call 0800 916 1444 or email

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