When it comes to decorating your new home it can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a plan. Creating the interior of your dreams should be one of the most exciting things about moving into a new property so we‘ve teamed up with interior design professionals from Clayton & Co. to look at sharing advice and tips. You can discover more in our Design Ideas page, but for now here are 5 top tips to get you underway.

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It’s important to plan ahead when it comes to setting up your new home and that also holds true when decorating your property or creating the right ‘setting’ for you and your family. Before you embark on any project it’s always best to get everything ready in advance. Here are 5 tips for you…

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  • Get the plans of your new home, with dimensions of all the rooms as soon as you can. You’ll find floor plans with dimensions in each of the properties featured in the Developments section.
  • Once you have the sizes, grab some graph paper and map out the room and use a scale rule to work out the sizes of the furniture you can fit into the rooms.  That way you can forward plan where everything will go, which should save you a lot of time when it comes to moving day.
  • Decide how you will use each room, that will also make it a lot easier to decide where furniture will go and also what sort of décor you want.
  • Remember to leave a decent amount of space around the furniture to move between it.

Decorating planning with samples

Create mood boards

  • Gather fabric samples, wallpaper and paint colours and cut out pictures from magazines to create the look you want for every room. 
  • Keep these in a folder or scrap book to refer to when you go looking for things.
  • Pinterest is a great source of ideas for this.

Decorating samples

Think colour

  • You’ve already thought about what each room will be used for, now you can decide on the colour scheme to go with it.
  • A neutral base colour, for example; greys, creams, etc. used in different tones helps to bring a scheme together and allows you to use bold colour or patterns elsewhere around the room
  • It is a great focal point to have a feature wall of wallpaper or a contrasting colour paint.
  • Remember – decorate for the use of the room and for your taste. You can ultimately change anything you don’t like but it’s easier to do that if you’re using neutral tones as the base. Changing cushions and accessories depending on your mood is a lot easier than changing wallpaper or paint.

Internal of purple bedroom

Key pieces

  • Invest in key pieces – the sofa in your living room for instance. Think about those key pieces and how they fit into your new home. They can focus attention in a room so choose the right piece for the right room.
  • Accessories are easy and relatively inexpensive to change and update, even seasonally. These also play an important role in adding texture, pattern and colour to your home. 

Internal of living room with sofa

Be confident

  • Decorate with your heart. Decorate to please you and your family.
  • Your home needs to please you and your family, and you should be surrounded by things that make your house feel like your home.
  • Use objects, pictures that you love and make you feel comfortable.

Close up of photo frames

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