A big part of the excitement of moving into a new property is the freedom to decorate your home in your style and to help you out we’ve teamed up with interior design experts Clayton & Co. to share some of their design insights. You can discover more in our Design Ideas page, but for now here are their ideas on creating the ideal living room space.

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The living room is one of the most important rooms in a house as, after the kitchen, it is the room where we spend most of our time relaxing and socialising. It is your home and your living space needs to be right for you. A living room is not much use if it is too perfect to live in - it needs to be comfortable, inviting, relaxing, functional and of course, beautiful.  A room that reflects your personality, to be proud of and enjoy. Here are some of our ideas on how to create the ideal living room.

- Clayton & Co.

Gather ideas

As with all good design and decorating ideas it’s important to plan and prepare. From deciding where to place furniture to the look and feel of the décor. A good idea is to gather your thoughts by gathering inspiration.

Collect pictures from magazines and ideas from Pinterest/Instagram, see what other people are doing as it might spark inspiration. Gather ideas from your favourite rooms and find things that spark your imagination – colours, a piece of furniture or a painting. It is always possible to create the same effect for much less than advertised in the magazines.

Internal of living room with glass coffee table


It is important to decide on a focal point in the room for instance; a beautiful fireplace, a stunning view, a painting, or a big screen TV, then arrange your seating around this focal point.

Do not fill the room with unnecessary items of furniture – less is more and clutter detracts from the space and elegance of a room. Define areas of the room with rugs, which also add colour and texture to the room.

Internal of living room with fireplace


Sofas and chairs do not always have to be against a wall! Arrange the seating so that it is positioned to be comfortable for conversation, TV viewing or just relaxing. Symmetrical placement of furniture helps to create an uncluttered feel and it is ideal to have seating for at least 6 people. This can be accomplished with a combination of sofas, armchairs and ottomans.  Make sure you have enough space between objects to move freely around the room.

Have tables near all your seating to put drinks down and various types of lighting to create the right mood and light for relaxing, reading, watching TV, or entertaining.  Table and floor lamps are great accessories picture lights enhance your favourite wall art. Place your favourite art opposite the seating so that your guests can enjoy it too.

Internal of open-plan living room

Remember the view from inside the room

Statement mirrors are a great idea but knowing where to place them is key. They can be an important design element and are also useful for reflecting other favourite items such as feature walls or a gorgeous view, but they can be distracting if they are placed where you and your guests can see yourselves when sitting down. Some people may find this fascinating, but in general it’s not a good idea.

Internal of living room with mirror

Window treatments

There are so many to choose from and these, once again, depend on the look you want to achieve.

Plantation (wooden) shutters are perfect for a coastal or New England look and work well with modern farmhouse style, while venetian blinds compliment a modern interior.

Curtains in a living room always look best if they are full length and include the dominant colour of the largest piece of furniture.  This helps to provide a background for the design and to bring the scheme together.

Internal of living room with bay doors


It is the accessories that bring your room to life – they add colour, texture and pattern and are easy to change if you want to update your look.  Smaller accessories look best grouped together but avoid overdoing them and creating clutter.  And don’t forget plants, which bring life into a room and have a calming, peaceful affect.

Internal shot of a living room

Old is the new New

Reuse, repurpose, recycle your existing furniture! You will save more than just money. By re-covering sofas and chairs, buying from house sales and auctions, it’s environmentally beneficial too.

Don’t throw something away because it looks tired or doesn’t fit your style, repurpose it! Simply painting things you already own a different colour, or changing handles and trims can update them for your new home and give them a new lease of life – plus they’re bespoke and original to you.

Internal of white living room

Images are for illustrative purposes only and are not examples of the work of Clayton & Company. You can view their portfolio here.


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