Sansome Walk Development Plans

At Sanctuary Group, our mission is a simple one: to build affordable homes and sustainable communities where people choose to live. At our core we are a housing association, a not-for-profit organisation set up to provide social housing, that reinvests our surplus in the homes we own, our communities and services and building new social housing.

From our headquarters in Worcester, we own and manage over 100,000 homes throughout England and Scotland, from general family housing to specialist care, and from student accommodation to housing for key workers.

We are committed to building more social housing and believe it is critical to creating a housing market that functions for everyone. Sanctuary has been one of the largest and most varied house builders in the social housing sector and we look forward to extending our successful track record by working on this new and exciting project.

Introducing Sansome Walk

Sansome Walk is an exciting opportunity to provide new affordable homes in the centre of Worcester. The site is located within a residential area of the city and is surrounded by a mixture of 2 and 3 storey dwellings. Local amenities such as shops, supermarkets, transport hubs and schools are all in within walking distance of the site. The site was previously the location of Sansome Walk Swimming Pool, which is currently undergoing demolition.

A CGI of the Sansome Walk development thats under consultation.

A CGI of the Sansome Walk development thats under consultation.

*images are representative

Responding to the Council’s minimum requirements and objectives

  • A high-quality residential development with design sympathetic to its setting, creates a genuine sense of place and makes enhanced contribution the local area – our development will deliver 40 new affordable homes and will make efficient use of the land and respect the existing urban grain of the area.
  • A policy complaint scheme – our proposals have been tested at pre-application meetings with Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council
  • Social rented homes and larger family homes - our entire proposal is for affordable housing tenures including rent and shared ownership which will address housing need. We will provide 30% of the new homes at a social rent level including larger 3- and 4-bed houses.
  • Car Parking – 26 car parking spaces for off-site residents will be provided. Sanctuary will manage this car parking, with arrangements to be confirmed. The new homes will have policy compliant parking spaces for both houses and apartments.
  • Retention of Mature Trees and Public Right of Way – the development will retain and incorporate the protected trees at the centre of the site and the existing public right of way (Sansome Fields Walk)
  • A low-energy sustainable development – the homes will perform highly in terms of energy efficiency with in-built renewable energy

Site Layout

Proposed site plan of the new housing development for Sansome Walk submitted to planning for consultation.



Key features

  1. Pedestrian access from Sansome Walk
  2. Existing public right of way (Sansome Fields Walk) retained
  3. Mature trees to be retained and amenity space enhanced
  4. 3-4 storey apartment block of 20 apartments (1-bedroom)
  5. Policy compliant car parking for apartment block
  6. Bin and cycle storage for apartment block
  7. Mix of 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom houses with associated parking
  8. New access road built to adoptable standards with trees and landscaping planted alongside
  9. Pedestrian and vehicle access from Chestnut Street
  10. Car parking (26 spaces) for existing off-site residents

Proposed layout

Our development reflects the tight urban grain of the surrounding Victorian terraces with a highly efficient site layout that provides contemporary living within a community setting. The high-quality housing has been designed with distinctive form and character to provide attractive, rhythmic street frontages and generous, light and airy homes.

The apartment block fronting Sansome Walk overlooks a communal area of generous public open space with existing mature trees as a central feature. The layout ensures good natural surveillance of the buildings and public open space across the site to ensure it feels a safe and welcoming environment with a real sense of community.

Access and car parking

The design of the site has been driven by an assessment of the constraints and has been developed to create a layout that is permeable and easy to access for both residents on foot, by car or by cycle. The site is in a highly sustainable location and close to the city centre’s transport infrastructure.

An internal road allows access for car parking and refuse vehicles from Chestnut Street. We will seek for the road to be adopted. It is designed to encourage low vehicle speeds and appear as a private drive, therefore acting as a shared social space.

Each house has 2 car parking spaces per dwelling and each apartment has 1 car parking space per dwelling, plus 6 visitor spaces. Footpaths are designed to enable ease of movement to ensure the development is permeable and accessible.

A CGI of the Sansome Walk development thats under consultation.

A CGI of the Sansome Walk development thats under consultation.

A CGI of the Sansome Walk development thats under consultation.

*images are representative

Accommodation mix

Number of units

Unit type

Size (m2)


1-bed apartment



1-bed maisonette apartment



2-bed house



3-bed house



4-bed house



Design and Materials

Sanctuary’s standard house types will be utilised on this site. These have been vigorously designed to ensure they comply with national space standards and provide suitable, well-thought accommodation for future residents. Each dwelling has been designed to maximise living space and reduce wasted circulation space, provide adequate storage and ensure good levels of natural daylight are enjoyed.

A refined, robust palette of materials will be selected to build new homes that fit into the surrounding area. The materials will consist of predominantly masonry finishes with external facing brickwork used to both the apartments and houses to match the existing vernacular. The design will reference the architectural styling of the existing context to ensure the development is sensitive and blends seamlessly with the surrounding area.

In particular, the design of the main apartment block fronting Sansome Walk is a clear response to its context and takes inspiration from the three/four storey high former hop warehouses in the local area, which have been converted into apartments. These key buildings, which sit amongst the Victorian terraces, have external facing red brick finishes and the traditional pointed pediment defining the key parts of the proposed elevation.


A fabric first approach will be utilised for the proposed design of the new homes. We are seeking a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 30% compared with the current Building Regulations (Part L). The homes will utilise air source heat pumps to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation to the dwellings. There will also be solar photovoltaic panels provided across the site to ensure that 20% of the total predicted energy requirements for the site are generated from renewable sources.

Modern methods of construction will be utilised including a timber frame system for the houses. This allows for accelerated construction, reduced noise, precision engineered quality and sustainability. We will employ systems for minimising and recycling construction waste.

Sanctuary will utilise our standard specification and product list which helps achieve energy efficiency including water management strategies and electric vehicle charging facilities across the site, for the new homes and the retained resident car parking spaces.

Landscape Strategy

The proposed scheme will significantly increase the amount of green space in this urban location, allowing the new residents and existing community to enjoy amenity spaces together.

The group of existing mature trees in the centre of the site will be retained and protected and provide the focal point for a small public garden area with seating and informal play. This is designed to feel safe, welcoming, and inclusive and provides open areas of grass framed by low ornamental hedges and swathes of shrub planting, increasing biodiversity. The design of the internal road will encourage slow vehicle speeds and will be enhanced by tree-planting and green infrastructure to also improve the experience of using the public right of way through the site.

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