Even though it’s very exciting moving into your own home, the whole process can be quite daunting. So we’ve put together a checklist to help you plan for your moving day.

Four weeks before moving

  • Confirm the date you’ll be moving in
  • If you are moving from rented accommodation, let your telephone and utility companies know when you are moving out

Three weeks before moving

  • Book and confirm a removal firm, or arrange van hire if you're doing the move yourself
  • Check your home contents policy for cover at your new address during your move
  • Give your bank/building society and any credit card companies your new address and review any direct debit payments
  • Let your water, electricity and gas suppliers know you are moving
  • Arrange to take over the phone in your new home. If the line is already in use, avoid any reconnection charges by contacting the line operator to see if you can keep the line switched on
  • If you're not confident to do it yourself, book an electrician/plumber to disconnect and refit your appliances

Two weeks to go

  • Clear out anything you don’t need - don't forget to check lofts and sheds
  • Arrange for your post to be redirected; the Post Office will do this for a small charge
  • Make sure everyone who needs to know you’re moving has your new address, this could include:
    1. Bank/building society
    2. Insurance companies
    3. Premium bonds and savings certificates
    4. Credit cards and store cards
    5. Driving licences
    6. Mortgage providers
    7. Inland Revenue
    8. Council offices
    9. Social Security
    10. Clubs and memberships
    11. Milk and other direct delivery services
    12. Doctors
    13. Relatives and friends

One week to go

  • Confirm moving arrangements with removal/van hire company
  • Sort out keys into sets for your existing home
  • Put all important and valuable items in a safe, easily accessible place
  • Put together a tool kit with handy items such as  a screwdriver, pliers and light bulbs – these will be invaluable on moving day
  • Check your solicitor has correct time and date for the move

One day to go

  • Remove any fixed items not included in the sale
  • Pack a box of essentials and keep it handy so it's the first box to be unpacked at your new home. Include items such as:
    1. Kettle, mugs, milk, tea, sugar and biscuits
    2. Torch and light bulbs
    3. Bin liners, cloths, rubber gloves, cleaning products and a vacuum cleaner
    4. Toilet paper
    5. Basic tools
    6. Pen and paper for meter reading

Moving day

  • Turn off central heating and all electrical appliances
  • Make a note of gas, electric and water meter readings
  • Check all storage spaces have been cleared and lock all windows and doors
  • Leave keys as arranged for the new owners
  • Call the sales consultant and check if monies have been received, then meet with the consultant to have formal handover of the keys to your new home

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