The kitchen area is one of the most used spaces in the home, acting as a functional cooking area and a social hub for gatherings. So, if you’re moving into a new build then you have a fantastic opportunity to design your kitchen just how you like it. Although kitchen design can become quite expensive, it doesn’t have to be - especially with the right approach and some smart budgeting. In this article, we will help you create your dream new build kitchen without breaking the bank by offering a few useful tips to design your kitchen affordably.

Bring in Art and Textiles

One of the most effective ways to add character to your interior design is by inviting some art and textiles to the space. This is a great opportunity to make the space truly yours in terms of style - and if you’re thrifty, there are plenty of ways to do this on a budget. Local art events, charity shops and online marketplaces can be excellent sources for finding unique, affordable art.

You might also want to consider swapping out textiles to better match your desired aesthetic. Things like table covers, chair cushions and drapes can really change the look and feel of your kitchen space. With the right choices, you can tastefully introduce new colours and patterns. Just remember to choose durable, easy-to-clean fabrics to ensure they withstand the kitchen environment.

Choose the Right Developer for Your New Build

Finding a new build developer who can make your interior design as simple as possible can be a huge help. Typically, when you buy a new build home with Sanctuary, your kitchen will come kitted out with the latest integrated appliances that feature good energy efficiency ratings. This is great news because you won’t have to worry about finding the right appliances that will fit in your kitchen space. Remember to check the specifications document for the plot you are interested in buying as it can vary across the development. In some cases (depending on the build stage), you might also get a chance to choose things like counter colours and worktops. So it really benefits you to choose a developer that makes your life easier, such as Sanctuary.

DIY and Upcycle Where You Can

There are many ways to decorate your kitchen on a budget, but taking the DIY approach is the most effective. For example, applying a new coat of paint yourself is quite simple and cost-effective. Doing the painting yourself can save labour costs and allow for a personalised touch. Opt for semi-gloss or gloss finishes which are easier to clean and more durable in kitchen environments.

Another budget-friendly approach to interior design for your kitchen is to upcycle wherever possible. This approach won’t break the bank and give your kitchen space a fantastic, unique look if you find the right pieces. For example, you can customise old bar stools to perfectly match your aesthetic, or you could repurpose old apothecary jars to be the centrepiece of your kitchen area. This is a really fun approach that can yield incredibly good results without costing too much, so it’s well worth considering.

Embrace Eclectic Styles

Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and materials. A blend of old and new can add character without costing much. For example, pairing a modern minimalist countertop with vintage stools can create a dynamic aesthetic. Look for opportunities to use salvaged materials, as this can bring in a lot of unique character. Old wooden planks can be turned into open shelving, and repurposed furniture can become part of your dining area. Regular visits to antique markets and charity shops can uncover unique decorative items that enhance your kitchen’s look without requiring a hefty investment.

Use These Tips to Transform Your New Build Kitchen Affordably

By choosing the right new build developer, handling some tasks yourself, and being creative with your style choices, you can design a beautiful and functional kitchen in your new build home without going over budget. A little creativity goes a long way in achieving the style and functionality you desire at a price that suits your budget. So, consider things like upcycling and taking the DIY route wherever possible to create a new build kitchen that perfectly meets your needs and budget.

Still looking for your dream home with the perfect kitchen space? Then Sanctuary is here to help. Browse our latest developments today or get in touch with our friendly team for further assistance.